Where are the Brault & Martineau stores located and what are their business hours?

We operate ten stores, four Liquidation centres and six Sleep galleries. Our 21 stores are located on the South and North Shores as well as in Montreal, the Eastern Townships and the Outaouais. Click on "Our locations" link for the telephone numbers, addresses and business hours.

Are your payment plans available at all times?

The payment plans are available at all times. You can contact one of our representatives for more information or click on "Financing".

Can the taxes be included in the payment plan?

It is not possible to finance the amount of the taxes, which must therefore be paid at the time of purchase. This is a government law.

If an account has not been paid by the due date, is the interest calculated as of the date of purchase?

The interest is calculated as of the due date appearing on your statement rather than as of the purchase date. Therefore, no interest is charged before the due date.

Can I make payments in store?

You can make payments in store at no additional cost. All you have to do is come in with your statement. We accept payments in cash, by cheque and debit card. It's simple and easy.

How do I report a lost or stolen credit card or a change of address?

All you have to do is contact your card issuer at:
514 397-4415 or 1 800 363-3380, for members whose card number begins by 4530 94;

1 877 255-3948 (French) or 1 877 343-2954 (English), for members whose card number begins by 60 7000;

514 385-0551, for green cards.

Can I receive a catalogue of your products?

We do not have a catalogue but feel free to browse our flyers.

Where can I purchase gift certificates?

Gift certificates are available at all Brault & Martineau stores, Sleep galleries and Liquidation centres in denominations of $20, $50, $100 and $500. You can also order them by telephone at 514 648-9100, ext. 2213.

Are your payment plans also available at the Liquidation centres?

No, but it is now possible to pay for your Liquidation centre purchases in 30 payments*.
(*Pay only the sales taxes. Subject to credit approval. Financing available at an annual interest rate of 13.50%).

Do purchases come with a warranty?

The manufacturer's basic warranty applies to all merchandise. You may also purchase our Protection Plus service program, available in store, on household appliances and electronics.

What is the policy with respect to defective merchandise covered by your Protection Plus service program?

If you purchased the Protection Plus service program and your device is defective, please contact the Protection Plus service at 1 800 290-9029.

Is delivery free and available anywhere?

We offer free delivery within a 200-km radius from the store where you made your purchases.

Can I immediately take home my purchases?

Certain items can be picked up directly at the Distribution Centre or in the store where they were bought. For a pick up at the Distribution Centre, the merchandise must first be paid for in store. A copy of the invoice with $0 total will be given to you; simply bring it to the Distribution Centre and the clerk will give you your merchandise. Click on "Our locations" link for the telephone number and address of the store nearest you or Distribution Centre nearest you.

Is the delivered merchandise unpacked?

The assembled merchandise is delivered and unpacked and the deliverymen must keep the boxes. We also pick up old home appliances if the request is made at the time of purchase. However, Brault & Martineau will not be held responsible for damages when moving out old appliances.

What is the procedure in the case of damaged merchandise?

If you notice damages on the merchandise at the time of delivery, please contact our customer service. Click on "Our locations" link for the telephone number to contact our customer service.

How do I schedule a delivery date?

As soon as the merchandise is available at our Distribution Centre, our staff will contact you to schedule a date. Please note that the hour of delivery cannot be scheduled due to the possibility of unforeseen events that may occur on the date of delivery.

Can I pay off the balance at the time of delivery?

The total amount of the invoice can be paid in cash or by certified cheque at the time of delivery.